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We are a week old today :)

September 21, 2006 11:31 PM | Blowing our trumpet | Comments (3)

We opened on the 14th last week and ever since its been a whirl.
Key highlights:
* Listening, understanding and reading between lines when engaging with customers.
* Enjoying conversations and demonstrating interactive vibrators to software to wifi-bunny rabbits.
* Seeing people immediately engage on an emotional level when they see things work eg: digital photo displays, Osmotronics magical interactive poster, Availabot from Schulze & Webb, Troika's Music box, Blinky bugs reacting to vibrations, software art from Bitforms.
* New respect for Sloane Square and West london, where people open doors for you and you get decent coffee without being ripped off and not needing to got to any large brands such as Starbucks, Pret etc.
* Meeting press from various quarters from fashion to technology and explaining our vision. This piece by Amanda Gore from PSFK for example, articulates what we are setting out to do beautifully.
* Getting excited about our next collection for Christmas- Into the Woods and having people writing to us wanting to be part of it.
* Playing match-maker between industry and designer-makers with amazing prototypes.
* Cycling by the river and mavelling at Battersea Power Station.
* Having such good positive reactions from everyone who walks into the store.