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DWB in 2007...exploring the last mile between customers and digital products/services.

January 28, 2007 1:15 PM | Roadmap | Comments (491)

We moved out of the Shop at Bluebird on 2nd January 2007. Christmas was a good test for us to see if we could handle high volume sales. We were very busy and have pretty much sold all our stock and are now working towards our next collection...working title
"Are you being served?" which will focus on services and connected appliances. (Yes this is a homage to the amazing BBC comedy I was bought up on as a kid in India)


We are also seeking colloborators who would like to work with us on the next level of DWB and our aim at challenging conventions around existing retail of digital products and services. So get in touch if you'd like to explore working with us on our next collection.

Couple of observations since our last collection:
1. As a physical space at The Shop at Bluebird, it was nice to see people walking up and getting pleasantly surprised to find us in a lifestyle store. Especially the way we had juxtaposed technology with fashion, furniture and books.

People told us they felt less threatened as it didn't smell 'technology' and we had managed to take it away from its usual connotations of "hard to understand", "complex", "boring" to "cool", "playful", "simple" and "discovery".

2. Also we observed the decision making process that goes into typical buying behaviours around when you buy something for yourself versus finding a gift for someone else. Helping people find the right gift for other people, based on what they told us about them was quite enjoyable. We also pre-packaged gifts for Christmas and wrote little usage stories to help "situate" the context of use for several products.

3. Personal one to one customer service and trouble shooting was another eye-opener. The last mile between the customer and using a digital product is fraught with many a pitfall that kickstarts from the time the customer leaves the store and tries installing products that require setting up. It was a good experience for us on educating an instructing customers on how to go about installing and setting up some of these products. This is one area where manufacturers and retailers need to work closely together to make sure the customer gets the best experience and ends up being an advocate of the service. We would like to focus more on exploring those types of partnerships this year.