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Into the Woods launch today

November 23, 2006 11:48 AM | Events | Comments (16420)

So the launch is today. (If you want to sync this to your iCal/Outlook, do it from here.)

We have a pile of wood shavings which we got from this amazing company called Tree Care, as well as logs and stumps from culled trees which Tree Care supervises. The smell of wood is so lovely, it can transport you somewhere else.
Speaking of wood, Nicolas Roope from Hulger sent us these amazing photos of the wooden Hulger phones that just arrived at the Hulger offices. It comes with its own wax. He mentions -

The wax is so that the owner can keep the wood in good condition. The wood will improve over time i.e. "wear in not wear out" .

I love that. That's so cool. It made my day :) Its heartening to see interventions such as these Hulger wooden phones. There can be alternative ways of appreciating technology so it stays with you over a longer time rather than your standard upgrade 'em, throw 'em, fill another ugly landfill culture that most digital products are well-known for.

One of my favorites that we literally cannot afford showing is the "Endless Forest". A real pity, but we were hoping to have a chance to work with them in the future.

We share your desire to make technology as accessible as possible. And we appreciate your efforts to create a market for good-quality niche projects. We're sure we'll be able to work together in the future!

Sorry, again. Keep in touch, Michaƫl & Auriea.

Highlights from Into the Woods....

November 16, 2006 3:13 AM | Events | Comments (4910)

We have been working hard towards Into the Woods...which is due to launch on Thursday 23rd November. It has been a very enjoyable experience putting together this collection. Pretty early into our research, Regine helped us out by publishing call for projects on WMMNA. We did recieve couple, unfortunately it wasn't possible to feature them in this collection, but we plan to make a repository of background research links for each collection.

So what can you expect in our new collection Into the Woods...

"Into the Woods..." showcases the sometimes weird and wonderful relation between technology and nature through a selection of products, software and art. The collection features digital products made with natural materials and software based on mathematical rules as discovered in nature.

A performance on iLogs by the Owl project at our opening on Thursday.
If you remember Jon from Someth:ing's electric performance on his wacom guitar at our "Black& White" opening, 243312925_ea022c1876.jpg

Wait till you see Anthony & Simon on their iLogs.
We are having a world exclusive launch of the iLogs at the DWB showroom.
Don't know what an iLog is? See this video. MP3 manufacturers be scared, be very scared indeed.

You will have a chance to play on the laughing swing from Michal Rinot. Have a look at the video, you cannot not smile.

Even if you have never been into gardening or had no luck in growing much, Tree.Growth is a sublime installation by interactive media artist Jeremy Thorp based, on generative computer algorithms. Each print comes with a CD-rom to grow your own trees at home.
You turn creator by just standing in front of the camera, and the software takes the colours from your clothes and turns them into beautiful trees. You can get these beautiful graphic prints as a part of the experience and have Tree.Growth really push your new Macbooks with built in webcams to another level.

"Into the Woods" collection highlights:

- We are bringing Holz Kontor's exclusive range of carefully crafted computer displays, mice and keybords sourced from exquisite woods to the UK to dwb . There have been enough wooden and bamboo based computer accessories recently in the press, but Holz Kontor have taken it to another level by pure attention to detail and impeccable craftmanship.

- We will be the first in the UK to feature the Marcel Wanders consumer-electronic range together with Holland Electro. These will be exclusive to dwb. The wireless sound systems have been designed to resemble elegant wooden furniture pieces that fit in with contemporary interior design trends.

- We have a new set of intriguing Bless Cable Jewelry series, including wooden power extension chains

- Look closer at the leafs falling in autumn with The Microscopy Table by Vahakn Mattosian.

- The delicate Amadana earphones made with bamboo

- The Endless Forest: a unique online community environment by Tale of Tales, where each member is embodied by a stag by Auriea Harvey and Michael Samyn. (Incidentally Entropy8zuper was one of the reasons I got into digital media 10 years ago.) Update: We don't know if we will be able to have Endless Forest in this show due to budget and logistic constraints. We are working towards making it happen, but for now it is looking unlikely.

- The Digital Stag Clock by Fly-pitcher a crossover of historical design references and hi-tech.

- The unique and highly individual wooden USB sticks from Oooms, no two are alike

- Individual wallpapers with wood-cut messages by Single-Tapete

- The mysterious glowing time of the To:Ca clock by Takumiresembling a plain wooden block.

Other exclusives to DWB

- Hulger wooden VOIP phones
- SMS mirror by Robert Stadler, Radi
- SoftwareArtSpace interactive graphic art

Available at the Digital Wellbeing Showroom our (complementary) range of gifts for Christmas

- Philips Digital Photo Frames
- The Roomba Sage vacuum cleaning robot
- Intempo customised DAB radios
- JeJoue programmable pleasure device
- Wattson Energy awareness device by DIY-Kyoto
- Visual Thesaurus software from Thinkmap, never be stuck for words again.